The undersigned ("Owner") hereby grants permission, to Heidi Hardin, ("Artist"), and to Artist’s successors, and assigns, as consideration for the credit described below, to use certain photograph(s) here in described in Artist’s artwork/project entitled: The Human Family Tree/A Walk Through Paradise…(HFT).

This permission form is for the following photographs:

1. Description of the photograph(s):


2. The photograph(s), in whole or in part, may be used for the artwork or project named above and in any future revisions, derivations or editions thereof, including nonexclusive world rights in all languages.

3. Owner took the photograph(s), is the owner of the photograph(s), or is otherwise authorized to grant the permission provided herein.

4. Owner hereby waives any right to inspect and approve the finished artwork or project, version or copies thereof, or the use to which the Artist has applied the photography(s).

5. Owner agrees that all ownership, title, copyright, trademark and interests in any finished product to which the Artist has applied the photograph(s), is exclusively the Artist’s, including, but not limited to, display, exhibition and transmission rights.

6. The grant of this permission shall in no way restrict the republication of the photograph(s) by the Owner or others authorized by Owner.

7. If specified here, the photograph(s) shall be accompanied on publication by copyright notice as follows:
and/or a credit line as follows:

8. If specified here, the requested rights of the photograph(s) described above are not owned or controlled in their entirety by Owner and the following additional persons must be contacted for this Permission Form to be effective:

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Signature: __________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________