Map of the installation

The Dedication

This exhibit is dedicated to the children who visit the Earth plane for a brief time: those children who are aborted, miscarried, and die young. They are the gap between our thoughts; they are the glue that holds families together. For me, there are two special souls who visited briefly that I would like to acknowledge in this Great Work…

The first is my older brother, Robert Scott Hardin, who died at the age of two months of sudden infant death syndrome. He is the light of my life today and the glue which has helped me to reconnect with my five other siblings, Kay, Lynne, Buzzy, Chris and Mark-without whom I would not have learned all I needed to know to find peace on Earth. To Bobby I wish peace and express gratitude.

Second, is the son of Sam Asseffa and Jill Kongabel. His name is Zakarias. He has been with me since coming to hear of his early death at eight months (Jan 6, 1991- Aug. 29, 1991) from a failed liver transplant. Sam first shared Zakarias’ life with me over sandwiches in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Park. I had invited Sam to speak at the Children’s Mural Program Workshops, to acquaint community children with the Redevelopment Plan for Hunters Point Shipyard that Sam has helped to develop. I know Zakarias has helped Sam in this monumental and thoughtful effort, and for that we are grateful and wish him peace too.

All images © Heidi Hardin 2001