Map of the installation

Kids' Comments

"Thank you for giving me a great time. Heidi Hardin’s art is beautiful and Jonathan Sack’s music is so inspiring. Thank you for letting us go to every room in the gallery" –Andrew

"Thank you for everything! The art was beautiful! Also, thank you for letting me and my classmates for touching things. It was very fun!!!" –Edmund

"Thank you for inviting Heidi Hardin, the artist, so that we can learn more things from her drawing. I liked the art drawing that is called, Hideki with his Grandma. This was a wonderful field trip. It was a good idea of the Cd’s because many people can hear the musics of their culture." –Michelle

"I really enjoyed the art and I want to really thank you. My favorite exhibit was 7.D "Scott and His New Bike" –Timothy

"I loved all the paintings and music it was so cool. I liked the painting with the group of veterans that had the nice little plastic animals" –Pamela

"I had so much fun. I hope we go again. My favorite painting was Scott at 9 months old".

"Thank you for the great time at Newspace! My favorite painting was at exhibit #14. Great job Heidi Hardin! My favorite song by Jonathan Sacks was at exhibit #14 too! I love it so much, I carried it around everywhere in that section, and replayed it over and over and over!"

"Thank you for letting us explore the Newspace gallery and look at Ms. Heidi Hardin’s great paintings. I especially liked the painting "Shelly in her favorite dress". –Anonymous

"Thank you for the great exhibit! I think it was a great experience!!! My favorite was Scott at nine months old because it was one of the cutest and practical. But, the other paintings I enjoyed also cause of how colorful all the things there were." -Tonia

All images © Heidi Hardin 2001